In our previous blog post, we discussed the impact COVID-19 has in the graduate market and we pointed out that 28% had their job offer cancelled or postponed. If you are one of the graduates affected by the pandemic,  this blog post you guide you through to the next steps.

Here are 6 Steps you need to take.

 Work on your skills.

Now is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills that will improve your CV and will make you look better in the eyes of your employers. You can find online a lot of free courses where you could expand your knowledge on the career of your choice. Any traineeship and certificate you add to your CV demonstrate to the employer that even when you didn’t have a job, you were finding ways on how to upskill yourself. It shows dedication and focuses on your career development. Have a look on MOOCS, Coursera and Google Academy. These websites offer a variety of free courses tailored to the demands of each individual. It is also a good idea to register for webinars and lectures online. They can be very informative and can help you prepare your next steps. Finally, read blogs and watch videos focusing on the career field of your choice. Any information you can get can bring you closer to the job of your dreams. 


Create a strong professional network.

Networking is crucial when it comes to job search. Successful professional networking can lead to more job and business opportunities. A good place to start networking is social media and particularly LinkedIn. Start following organisations you are hoping to work for and interact with their posts. It can be a good idea to connect with people who already work at the company. Write a short message where you introduce yourself and explain your goal to secure in the future a position in the company. It is possible if you build good relationships with them, they might refer you to the HR department or inform you when the applications open. 

Another way to build your network can be to inform your connections that you’re looking for a job. Your network can potentially suggest opportunities you weren’t aware of or introduce you to people who are currently hiring. 


Customise your social media profiles.

Ask yourself the following: Do my social media profiles reflect my experiences and skills? Is there anything I need to delete or make private? More and more recruiters are starting to check the presence of people on social media. You need to make sure that there is nothing on your profiles that might deprive your chance of getting hired. Especially on LinkedIn since it is a more professional platform your profile needs to be a good representation of your education and previous experiences.

Note: more tips are coming to our blog to help you improve your social media.


Learn to adjust to the demands of the new work reality.

In respect to social distancing, the majority of companies have moved their recruitment process online. This means that currently interviews, assessment centre and psychometric tests are now conducted online. Be ready to face the new work reality by practising continuously.  Ask a friend or family to have a virtual mock virtual interview with you. Check your background, the lighting and which angle makes you look good. Have a look at our previous blog post about interviews and start practising the questions recruiters usually ask.


Perfect your CV.

Now it is the time to craft your CV and make sure that it is a good reflection of your previous experiences. After you have corrected it, ask a friend to have a look at it and give you feedback. You can always check our previous post for a CV if you need additional help on what to avoid. 


Search for virtual opportunities.

The offices of a lot of companies are still closed with respect to the government’s guidelines on social distancing. Companies have not only switched their onboarding process virtually but they have adjusted their working patterns as well. A lot of people are now working remotely from home. Virtual internships and opportunities are becoming more and more common. Grab the opportunity and search online for companies who are offering work opportunities and send your application. Volunteering work can do as well. 

 Losing an opportunity that you worked hard to get can be downhearted, however, if you look at the other side, it can be a chance to develop further your skills and master the next available opportunity that comes to you. If you would like additional help with your job search we will be happy to help you. Give us a call or send us an email. We would love to hear from you.