Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is ‘Career Coaching’ and what does Grad Offer do?

“Career Coach” (noun) – Someone whose job is to give people advice regarding changing and improving their careers (

Grad Offer specialises in Graduate Career Coaching. We help international students to secure internships and graduate offers with leading London Firms by offering coaching sessions.

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2. Who do we coach?

We coach university students and graduates who are passionate about pursuing a career in Investment Banking, Management Consulting, Accounting, Law or within Leading Multinationals.

3. Who will coach me?

When you join Grad Offer, you will get instant access to Oleg Rak, who will be your personal Career Coach.

Fifteen years ago, Oleg went through the graduate recruitment process as an international student and beat other candidates to join the KPMG Graduate Scheme.

Oleg currently runs a successful recruitment business in the City, servicing investment banks, management consulting firms, law firms and leading multinationals – he knows exactly what employers are looking for.

4. Why do I need Grad Offer as my coach?

We help you beat the system. In the current climate, it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure an internship or graduate role in The City.

 Whether you are:

  • Frustrated with not getting offers
  • Anxious about failing
  • Uncertain where to start

We help eliminate the guesswork from your Graduate Job Search.

Grad Offer will help you:

  • Find your goals
  • Build your confidence
  • Help you to secure your dream career

Having successfully coached over 500 clients, we have created a simple but powerful methodology to beat the system time and time again.  This means you can obtain the job of your dreams.

5. What do we guarantee?

We help you understand your own goals and what you want from your career. Grad Offer automatically guarantees absolute confidentiality – it is integral to our relationship with you.

6. What do I get from a coaching session?

60-minute coaching call with our Senior Career Coach, Oleg Rak. We will help provide you with clarity with your goals, develop your skills and support you to strategically plan to land your dream role.

7. When and where does the coaching take place?

Due to COVID-19, we will be conducting coaching virtually. Our clients meet with us virtually over Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts. We are flexible in scheduling the coaching with your Career Coach – but check to see the best times by booking a call.

8. How many graduate coaching sessions do I need?

Each person is different. Grad Offer will help you understand your goals first. Depending on the stage, we will craft your individual plan to success and suggest you the recommended number of meetings with our expert Career Coach.

  • A 3-month plan can help you get an internship this year
  • A 6-month plan will get you first in line to be offered an Internship or Graduate Role by October 2020

Many of our clients enjoy a long-term relationships with us, as we help them to keep on track with their goals and gain a better understanding to leverage their strengths. Book a call with us to get a taste of what we offer.

9. Who do I ask if I don’t know what to do after my coaching session?

Your personal coach is available to help you out if you are stuck with anything. We ensure that your concerns are addressed after each session.  For logistical issues, speak to us at 0203 995 3288 or email for help.

10. When and how do I pay?

Grad Offer takes payments upfront and accepts bank transfers.

11. How do you measure my success?

We are results-driven. We follow our powerful methodology and tailor it to your needs, so you can apply the knowledge you have gained from the coaching. Along the journey, we will monitor your progress and constantly tweak the plan from the feedback you give us. All you have to do is commit to follow these rules:

  • Be on time.
  • Engage in your coaching sessions.
  • Do your homework.